Act II, Scene 3

A street in Rome near the Capitol, close to Brutus' house

[Enter Artemidorus, reading a paper.]

"Caesar, beware of Brutus; watch out for Cassius; stay away from Casca; keep an eye on Cinna; don't trust Trebonius; observe Metellus Cimber carefully; Decius Brutus does not like you; you have offended Caius Ligarius. All these men have the same goal, and it is against Caesar. If you are not immortal, look around you. Overconfidence allows a conspiracy to succeed. The mighty gods defend you!

"Your devoted Friend,

I will stand here until Caesar passes by
And like a suitor I will give him this.
My heart grieves that greatness cannot avoid
The sharp teeth of envy.
If you read this, O Caesar, you might live;
If not, the Fates plot with traitors.