Act V, Scene 4

[Call to arms. Enter Brutus, Messala, young Cato, Lucilius, and Flavius.]

Still, countrymen! Oh still, hold up your heads!


What bastard does not? Who will go with me?
I will shout my name all around the field.
I am the son of Marcus Cato, ho!

[Enter soldiers and fight.]

And I am Brutus, Marcus Brutus, I,
Brutus, my country's friend; know that I am Brutus!

[Young Cato is killed.]

Oh young and noble Cato, are you down?
Why, now you die as bravely as Titinius,
And you may be honored, being Cato's son.

First Soldier.
Surrender, or you die.

I surrender only in order to die;
Here is much information that will make you kill me at once:
Kill Brutus, and be honored in his death.

First Soldier.
We must not. A noble prisoner!

[Enter Antony.]

Second Soldier.
Room ho! Tell Antony, Brutus is captured.

First Soldier.
I'll tell the news. Here comes the general.
Brutus is captured, Brutus is captured, my lord!

Where is he?

Safe, Antony, Brutus is safe enough.
I dare assure you that no enemy
Shall ever capture the noble Brutus alive;
May the gods defend him from so great a shame!
When you do find him, either alive or dead,
He will be found like Brutus, like himself.

This is not Brutus, friend, but, I assure you,
A prize no less valuable. Keep this man safe,
Give him all kindness; I would rather have
Such men as my friends than my enemies. Go on,
And see whether Brutus is alive or dead,
And bring for us a message to Octavius' tent
Telling how everything turned out.